Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Good afternoon dears! 

These photos represent my favorite time of the day. I believe a cup of good tea and a piece of something sweet can always make everything seem better.
Today I miss my sister and Farshad so much; which are two wonderful tea/coffee companions of mine. 

Okay, now I am off to lots of things I've deferred earlier. They are making negative waves on my to-do list! ...Trust me, they really do.

Have a beautiful day, my friends! Oh and welcome to you, new guests. :) 



fensismensi said...

I can easily see myself joining you on the third picture :)

Elisabelle said...

love your new banner!

Line said...

lovely moments of the day, tea time should be a ritual!!!!

Sholeh said...

may I join? I have a coffee in my hand now, but rather sit with you and have endless teas my dearest.
love you and miss you deeply

bicocacolors said... delicious!!!

Allister Bee said...

mmmmmm mmm! i am sitting here at work. craving a sweet tea. and this killed me. just 45 minutes til my lunch and i am speeeeding to get one!

matilda said...

I'm a coffee person...well an esspresso drinker..I never drink there...the tea is just something else..the esence of calm. Coffee is home, tea is everything else.

Theresa said...

have missed coming here
invited you to be facebook friend too :)

Julie said...

I love these photos! tea and a little tasty treat- what could be better.

P.K said...

I agree with you, there is nothing better than a nice cup of tea and a sweet treat, good company... troubles fade away.