Monday, September 20, 2010


I had considered one extra day!
He's here; and I can't be more excited right now! :-)



inna karenina said...

lovely to hear that!:)
you so know how to combine photos - they look (once again!) so good together:)

Sholeh said...

cheshmet roshan be ever your heart's foundation.

Jodi Anderson said...

Although I've been so quiet, I have been following along with your countdown and I find it so very touching.

My husband often travels for business. I understand how difficult it is when your love is so very far away.

I am glad that he is home and that the two of you are together.


Agneta said...

You are my new follower.... yes yes yes!! I must tell you.... your blog, ME LIKE LIKE LIKE! My I add you to my LOE LOVE LOVE list?

Agneta, a swedish one ;)

Laura said...

Sweet Shokoofeh
I've not been by for a visit in such a long's been lovely to sift through your photos, your love notes, your story. It's been a long time too, since I was young...but reading through your blog always takes me back to that time in my life (when I fell in love with my husband-nearly 25 years ago!) before I had children, before I lived far from my family of had such a simple clarity about it in those days (well looking back it seems that the time I imagine it felt quite complicated!)

sending you blessings for the sweetness in your life to continue to grow,

Anonymous said...