Saturday, October 23, 2010


credits : 1. robin, 2. Distressed, 3. Untitled, 4. whale

Hello to you all, my bloggy friends. Hope you're having a nice time on a beautiful Saturday. 
Today I have some good links for you to be inspired :

+ Do you like shoes? Have you ever thought about designing them? Shoes of Pray is for you! Design your own style shoes now!

+ This danish website has a lot of interior inspirations and ideas that I might learn danish in few days!

+ Nicola Meiring. A good illustrator from Cape Town.

+ Dream house in Switzerland.

+ Love this garden tea party. Looks perfect.

+ Julia Grigorieva designs the cutest patterns.

Are you still looking for more inspiration? ... Check my tumblr blog! :)



Merylu said...

Hello there!
This is the first time I come across your blog, and I find it really lovely and inspiring!
Very nice selection :)

Victoria said...

Great colors!

cait said...

Those blue heels. WHOLE HEART WANT.

matilda said...

OMG (and I'm not in the religion) but I would sold my soul out for those maramaid shoes!

Misha Lulu said...


Leigha said...

Your inspiration boards are, well, inspired!