Tuesday, October 19, 2010


He said this is a long time no picture of us.
He was right.

The blog was going to be an impersonal type.
I didn't want it like that.

So here we are!
And we're happy that you are here too.



poet said...

Aw, you guys are such a pretty couple! I really like the vintage coloring of those pictures, too... how did you get it?


Robin said...

You both are so beautiful! I have noticed recently that I am behind the lens more often than in front of it. You have inspired me to get some good pictures of C and I! :)

Caroline said...

Aw so glad you posted a picture of the two of you!! XO

ana said...

I had the same thoughts of posting images of me on my blog, but than I got a surprize and I was put on the cover of a weekly magazine (with my braces on!) ha ha, so I guess no hiding anymore.
It's nice to see a person behind a blog. All the nice pictures get a face, a nice face :)

Flowtops said...

Beautiful portraits!

kitchu said...

i too am always behind the lens. these photos of you both are really lovely.

Victoria said...

Hi. Good to see you both.

julochka said...

hello both of you!! gorgeous tones in those photos!!


Jeanne-ming said...

ahhhh, so happy to see such a handsome couple. You are beautiful dear one.

cate said...

thanks for the visual! super sweet pictures.

ibb said...

You two look great!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful people. I also loved your picture of Tehran by night. Very impressive!