Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I am happy these days.
Life looks happy these days.

Tomorrow is the wedding of my friend's sister. 
I have a silverish gray dress with navy shoes. 
I've made them a guest book.

This makes me smile:
The fact that Farshad and my father were so comfortable with each other last night.

One of my friends is pregnant.
Looking for nursery inspiration is my current addiction. 

I have some design ideas on my mind.
It's so good to start them. 

Dear life, I am grateful.



Sholeh said...

happy to hear all these good news my darling and to hear that u r happy.

Ilmapallomatka said...

I'm happy for you!
(The cat in the first pic looks soooo cute!)

Jeanne-ming said...

Well dear girl, it is true that when your beloved and your beloved father, sit easy and comfortable together, it is a view into the future. Your life, in this regard will be good. The two men you love most, liking each other.

It helps make up for everything else.

inna karenina said...

wow lots of exciting things! so happy to hear everything is going so well! xo

Misha Lulu said...

the cat picture makes me happy!
I am glad you are happy!
thank you for spreading happiness!

Anna Emilia said...

Dearest Shokoofeh,

Smiling I came, more smiling I go. Happy for you, happy for me.

Cups of tea dear girl.

Happy weekend!

Ju said...

Dear Shokofeeh , as usual a very positive and inspirational post. I have missed coming here.
Hope the wedding was fabulous and do post some pictures if you can.


julochka said...

i'm ever-so-grateful too...for the beautiful package i received today. i will load the camera tomorrow. the photos and the poem and the bracelet and the little purse are fantastic. thank you.


Anabel Fournier said...

Great photos to reflect the good news. Happy for you!

Sarah said...

You have a way about you Shokoofeh that just makes me smile. Thanks :)

kitchu said...

"dear life, I am grateful".

words to live by.