Friday, October 1, 2010


Happy October, everyone!
These are the last four from this series of my poster designs. I am still looking forward to your feedback. And thanks a lot for the wonderful messages. I've never thought about selling this kind of things before. I mean I'd never thought somebody might like to hang an environmental poster on her/his wall. And well ... to hear that there are people who would like make me feel so happy, indeed.

"One tree means 1 year oxygen supply for a family of 4."
"Tree planting day"

"We are all guilty!"
"world environment day"

"How long can you hold your breath?"

Thank you so much!



emily said...

these are truly amazing!! i really love them and their messages

parisa mahmoudi said...

Tabrik migam bara payan namat!!!!!
Bayad shirini bedi! ;) Che posteraye movafaghi,hamashoono doost daram!Hamkhooni beine matn va tasvir alie.
Hamishe shad va pirooz bashi Shokoofeh jan

Holly said...

shokoofeh, I totally would buy one. it would be a perfect birthday gift for my environmentalist best friend. you should make an etsy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, such amazing posters. I love all of these and would definitely frame them for my office. Terrific!

blogaloorgirl said...

superb posters. I like the idea for the first one the best. simple and effective. :)

Agneta said...

Yes please!!! I like this post, & I also love the subtle message that these paintings convey!

P & L

Agneta, the swedish one ;)

sleepwalkingintokyo said...

wow. I love all the works you've been posting! All of them are so inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing them!

MODsquad said...

WOW!! Absolutely amazing!! Impossible to pick a fav... LOVE them all!

mina said...

these are fantastic posters. great work!

kristina said...

these are so, so good! I really hope you decide to sell them - I'd buy one... or two... or all of them!