Sunday, December 26, 2010


Merry Christmas, my friends!
As you may know we don't celebrate this holiday but well in the Internet world you can easily feel the spirit. So I wish you very very nice moments. With glitter and stars! xo



stephanie said...

I spy macarons! I love this inspiration boaord. Happy Holidays! xo

Caroline said...

I love this series of photos!!!! Beautiful!! Sending you many lovely moments! XO!

Pihvi said...

Love your blog :) it makes me feel happy :)
Greetings from Italy,

Your Facebook fan,


The Daily Poster said...

شکوفه می گم تو که دست پختت انقد خوبه یه بار از این مکروون های رنگی رنگی بپز بگو ما بیاییم بخوریم،چاییش با من. ها؟


kristina said...

a lovely collection!

Cabrizette said...

Thanks for your attention... So sweet !

julochka said...

had to go and fave the felt garland. so simple and so lovely.