Tuesday, January 4, 2011


credits : 1. Untitled, 2. Snowblind, 3. *, 4. Big Ones, Small Ones

Tonight we had a lovely goodbye-party for my cousin and his wife who had come from Canada to visit for three weeks. 
It's sad to say goodbye, it's always so sad.
But I looked out and saw that it was snowing. The first snow. And I smiled. 

Now it's officially winter. And I am grateful! 



Holly said...

I didn't know it snowed in Tehran. will it clear the air for you?

Ana* said...

What a great way for mother nature to welcome the year!!

Shaista said...

Our snow is all melted now :( but at least it's warmer...
Happy New Year Shokoofeh!

Sara said...

You are making me want to go to Iran even more!!