Monday, March 7, 2011


Well... I thought for about fifteen minutes to pick a title for this post; and nothing came to my mind.  This is how my brain works at times.
Okay these are a few more favorites from Film Swap project with Julie. I somehow adore these ones. And I can't really express the reason.

Farshad is away on a trip to U.S. for a month and I am so trying to distract myself by little funny things. So maybe you can tell me something sweet and amusing about your day? I would love to hear! 

Have a beautiful Monday, friends! xo



kitchu said...

i love this work you are doing with these double exposures... it is amazing. i don't know how to accomplish that except with my Holgas. these are just beautiful.

a month is such a long time! i hope it passes quickly. i wish i had something sweet or funny to share but it's been a trying day for me :o/

Robin said...

Beautiful double exposures! I came home today (from my first day at my new job) to find a little pot of daffodils sitting on my table. A present from my flatmate to wish me well on my first day of work. :)

I hope this month passes easy for you while he is gone.

amy said...

Your blog is beautiful. It's spilling with inspirational photographs and sweet sugary goodness.

My day was boring. School, and tedious taskings made for an uneventful, & dreary day. It doesn't help that the weather is cold and the snow is calling for loneliness.

following you now *

hope to hear from you*
love amy ^.^

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

My son was having a difficult day and without knowing that I invited him over for dinner. We had a nice meal and a relaxing time. We both feel better on account of our time together.

Keep doing what you're doing. We all love it.

Ann Marie said...

what beautiful images. i love them all!

Anne said...

I was sitting in the Jardin du Luxembourg this afternoon (lovely weather in Paris today!) when a little girl came to me and asked if I happened to be a princess - that definitely made my day :-) And so do your photos! Beautiful double exposures!!

Molly (OneKindWord) said...

these photos have a perfectly dreamy quality to them. they're so lovely.

jennifer ▲ i art u said...

i adore these double exposure images! they're so moving to me...

i have the day off from work so that is about the sweetest thing i can share with ya! :) it's so good to be home and have some time to myself!

hope you're having a good day as well!

máni said...

i love your blog. it is so beautiful and inspiring!

did you know that if you pronounce your name in a german way it would mean 'chocolate fairy'? that's so sweet! (maybe someone already told you.)

inbrightness said...

i just ran across your blog.. its so simple & lovely. & these photos are fantastic! thanks for sharing!

ibb said...

Beautiful double exposetures...and nothing special about my days...a bit of fun last weekend, and this one, just planing to go a bit out of rutine...just to make days longer.
In this lonely month...what about thinking of doing another project with someone else...any ideas?

Kristina said...

Such beautiful pictures!
Loved the way how the double-exposure came out!!
I am off now checking all your others posts, happy to have found you!
Have a lovely day, Kristina

Alice said...

whoa i love the effect in these!