Thursday, April 14, 2011


What are you doing? Hold on a moment. Look around. Find the beauties. Feel grateful. 
Just it. Thank you. 



Anonymous said...

Lovely photographs. Taking a moment to look around and take in all of the simple beautiful things in life make my day so much more enjoyable. It also makes me so much more thankful for the beauty of life.

Luise said...

i really like the light in these pictures, and i especially love the portrait, so beautiful!

Line said...

so true, lovely pics!

kitchu said...

thank you! for such beautiful photographs and a wonderful reminder :)

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

You're so right. Beauty surrounds us and deserves to be noticed and appreciated.

I pause and look around the room I'm in. The light from two lamps casts a warm glow as the sun goes down outside. My husband covered the walls of this room with pine boards which gives it a woodsy look. My chair where I read is beckoning to me as I sit back and enjoy the moment.

I've been busy all day and I'm so glad you asked me to look at the beauty around me.

Thank you,

Ida Nielsen said...

Beauties indeed. And lovely words, too.
Have a lovely weekend, Shokoofeh!

Anonymous said...

Shokufeh, midooni alan modathast az vaghti ke blogeto mibinam va aksato negah mikonam va neveshtehato mikhunam kheili az afsordegim kamtar shode va ehsase shadi va omide bishtari mikonam? Man az to ziba negah kardano be artafo yad gereftam Shokufeye aziz.

Just look around and always remember your photoes and find just a great and beutiful things all around. Thanks you very mush shokoofeh


jane said...

i´m just going to soak up the beauty i find here... hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Sholeh said...

I can't stop watching her, it's such a live photo with all mom's beauties.

Kiki said...

I love the portrait.
I woke up this morning with a beautiful sunshine and little blossom leaves twirling down on the street, and I felt grateful.
I don't know why and to whom but just.

Anna Emilia said...

Hello to your beautiful mother!

Here, the sun is shining, seagulls singing above the-soon-melted-lake, daffodils are getting more and more awake and my hands are drawing. Through the open balcony door a sweet scent of spring is floating in.

A hug to you, flower girl!