Friday, May 20, 2011


© Lily Bloom Photography

Good afternoon, friends.
First off, I want to give you all a warm virtual hug and a big thank you for your beautiful comments and thoughtful messages on my news! I can't really express how much you and your support mean to me. :)
Dears, we've made up a Facebook community page as well that you can support it by hitting the like button. We will feature samples of our work or news and announcements on its wall. So check it if you're interested. 

And... this photo is a little glimpse of a gorgeous photo shoot we had with a lovely couple. A complete post is on its way! 

p.s. we made that pretty pinwheel using Sweet Designs' printable.
p.p.s. Is there anybody out there having issues with this new Disqus comment section on my blog?  Please email me if you are. Thank you. xo


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Shokoofeh said...

Does people hate DISQUS?!