Friday, June 17, 2011


Hello from a very hot Friday afternoon.
It's summer again and I've started spending my time daydreaming about beaches and sunbathing... With smoothies and Mojitos! 
What are you up to this summer? Any travels, road trips or just relaxing by the pool?  I am planning for my summer days but what I am pretty sure about is that I have to spend many hours studying English and creating my portfolio...
Not really interesting? True.

p.s. See this post from last year.
p.p.s. The photo: 2009 Edersee, Germany 


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Inna Sinersaari said...

oh love that view of the photo!
my summer plans consist of staying in finland, and spending time with family & friends. it feels like i'd be going for a long, long holiday! can't wait for being back home. :-)