Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We made pancakes today.
peaches sliced
with honey and Labneh, on top.

We drank coffee.
french pressed.
my favorite kind.

We talked about our days,
on future time.
our dreams, our goals
fears too, of course.

It's life, you know?

You see things in this world.
And all things are not necessarily beautiful all the time.

But that's your time.
Your chance to create.
Your chance to be alive.



sunneschii said...

These pancakes look lovely!

Robin said...

I completely agree about French Press coffee! Love these photos- they are so warm and full of love. :)

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

You have shared beautiful photographs and precious words of wisdom to live by.

taos said...

je parle trop mal l'anglais pour le faire ici, mais je voulais te dire de loin combien tes mots, tes images, tes histoires me touchent et me font du bien. tu es superbe. que la vie t’apporte encore beaucoup d'occasion de créer, d’être heureuse, de savourer cette existence. que dieu te bénisse.
Je t'écris d'une ville qui s'appelle Eaubonne, ce qui veut dire good water, c'est prés de Paris, je te lis depuis peu et j'aime cela. merci à bientôt

casablock said...

looks so yummy!

www.casablock.com (one blog, three branches: buenos aires, paris, mexico city)

athena said...

you have such a lovely blog :)

matilda said...

Love the idea of yogurt on pancakes, I eat it with honey and nuts and cinemmon:)

julochka said...

i'm behind on bloggy reading, but i'm glad because it was right now that i needed to read this.

thank you,