Friday, December 16, 2011


Credits : 1. Untitled, 2. rowing boat, 3. Катя, 4. Zebra 

Days are crazy around here and I am so looking forward to pass these two weeks because my sister and her family will be here in two weeks for visiting and I can't be any more excited! 
Hope everyone has calm and beautiful days. :)

p.s. I hate deadlines!



Wayside Violet said...

Beautiful inspiration photos! Good luck with your deadlines!

Anne said...

good luck! happy days to u too!

matilda said...

deadlines make people more creative;)
good luck and have a most beautiful time in the company of your sister.

Nam said...

Lovely photos!
By deadlines are you referring to grad school applications? Ugh. We're in the same boat sister.

- Nam

mina said...

i really like this orange + blue collection. i never make inspiration boards for my projects. maybe i should start.