Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today marks the tenth day of spring, though the real spring hasn't shown its beauty to us here yet. Looking forward to seeing more springy days with buds and rains! 
How's your springtime?  :)

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Jodi Anderson said...

This is such a lovely tour filled with unique and beautiful details.

Our spring is more than a month ahead of schedule. It's odd. We've never had an April without frost in the last 150 years, but apple trees in our state have budded already. A frost would kill the future apples, which are a big harvest here. So, I'm hoping that spring is here to stay and that you get spring weather soon soon soon!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

Your friend's home is delightful in so many ways.

Spring weather has been very eaI horly this year after a very mild winter.

inna karenina said...

what a beautiful home!

our spring is, well, not very springlike. we got plenty of snow a few days ago, so it seems more like winter again! still waiting for spring to come around here too..

kitchu said...

such a lovely space! i adore how you've captured it.