Sunday, March 18, 2012


I was always astounded, as a viewer, about the deep and mysterious connection people make with their past through looking at their old photographs, specially when they start getting older. Encouraged to discover more, I began to ask old or mid-aged people to look at some of their old photographs together, and recorded their facial expressions and at last asked them: how do you feel? The answers were very varied; like one said she feels that little girl in the old photograph is her daughter and not her-little-self, or another responded that he is not very sure what he was reading in that photograph and is very intrigued to know!
Mother In Her Memories is a self-directed work I did with the same motif. 



Anne said...

how interesting - love it!

Nasim said...

Great Great Great idea which has been nicely done. and hope you keep it as a big project to pursue.

p.s:دختر چقدر شبیه مامانتی:)

Arash S said...

such a nice well-done work.
I liked that and had same idea in mind.
nice to see someone accomplished that.

The Daily Poster said...
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The Daily Poster said...


inna karenina said...

this is amazing. love it!

matilda said...

this is amazing, what a beautiful gift for your lovely mom...and you resamble her a lot!