Thursday, March 1, 2012


March is here. 
Month of my birth time. Month of Nowrooz. Month of new starts and sweet smells. 
And while it's still cold here; and while I feel so tired, there is hope in the air. And that's all because of March. 
To brighter days. To March. 



ibb said...

March...the coming spring, with cold mornings.
Hope is in the air..hope to keep there.
Enjoy your time, of dreams, red nails and friend!

Anne said...

Yes, to March! Have a happy one!

maaris said...

Happy March to you!
This photo is very beautiful...
Thank you for your beautiful blog!

Monica said...

hey there! just stumbled into your sweet place here.
happy march!

Ballad of Seasons said...

Have a wonderful March! That's my birth month too :)
Ballad of Seasons

chibiwow said...

Cheers to March and the colors it brings. Love the nail polish and that floral dress.

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matilda said...

just rest a little bit and jump!

Sara said...

Happy, happy march beautiful! I can't wait for Nowrooz pictures, I always look forward to them :)