Thursday, April 12, 2012



I think it's natural that a blog loses readers over years. 
But you know, I love this little place of mine; I love that you are here. And that you take a look at my photos and read my words sometimes. 
You know...maybe I wouldn't be here, in this wonderful stage of my life, if I didn't own this blog.

Just wanted to say an especial thank you to those of you out there who leave sweet comments sometimes or even click on that little g+1 button.

So... to more diptychs! ;)



márta said...

The beauty of your world is what keeps us here...

Sara said...

I have the same feeling, I think our blogs are getting old, and, personally, I don't use it the same way others do to maintain followers/comments. But I my blog. It has a special place in my heart.

This post is so heartfelt. Hugs to you beautiful lady :)

ibb said...

It is like sitting with you

Rawan said...

I have discovered your lovely blog recently, and I am glad I did :)
it is a pleasant, creative, relaxing spot in my day.
Keep it up ;) you are doing a great job

(P.S in case you don't know, you are inspiring a lot of people) (^_^)

k said...

I admit I haven't been coming by as often. Maybe it's time to rearrange my bookmarks.

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

I don't get as many visitors as I used to either. I miss them.

I love it here at yours. It is so unthreatening, calming, inspiring, warm and safe.

Thank you for all of that!

The Daily Poster said...