Saturday, April 11, 2009

feeling ... { l a t e }

There are times in life that you feel {late}!

Farshad has gone back to North for the school and I am again all by myself!
so; I just wanted to start my week fresh and focused ... but I couldn't! my mind is full of messed up things! I'm thinking about 2 big project at the same time... and this made everything seems so impossible!
this is unbelievable; but I found "thinking about myself" so hard!
::this is what I should do for the first project called {self-postrait}::
everything seemed so easy at the beginning but when I start thinking about {me} I feel DISABLED! it looks funny, I know! but it's absolutley ture!
we are thinking about us every moment! every single moment of our lives...! but when it comes to write a list: there is another story... {sigh}

I'm going to try my best!

{photos by Mani Nilchiani


Hamed said...

Yeah! I think that's great thinking about ourselves, of course in the positive and right way!
these obstacles looks difficult and too high to pass at the first sight, but be sure that there is a solution and another way too. hope is the last thing that passes out!
prosperity will be all yours...

* there's slight mistakes in your text, such as "Self-postrait" . "Feel disable" . "absolutley ture" ...
rereading will fix them as well!


thank you Hamed for your comment and of course for the advices! ;)

and here are some remarks to say :
1. You can check this:
to find out more about the word { self-postrait }
2. you're right. a "D" is missed!
3. it's correct to use "absolutely true"! :D
thanks! ;)

رز وحشي said...

salam.shansi be webloge shoma bar khord kardam.
baram ajib bood.
aksa va tarhaye zibayy ro didam.
moafagh bashid.

Hamed said...

oh! that's right Ms shokoofeh, I've added that to my vocab list.
I thought you'd be going to say "self-portrait"
so it is originated from poster and posterize ha? right! thanx a lot.
I beg your pardon! of course those i've just mentioned were mistakes not errors, I hope you're not going to take it personally.
if i hurt you, it's not what i wanted. i'll try not to say anything so, so...

Micaela said...

hugs!!!! you will get it all done :) i know you will darling, but thank you for this post- it makes me feel less a mess haha ;) xo

Daisy said...

I love the photos!

Jeanne-ming said...

Like Daisy, I love the photos.
This is a very cute post. It made me smile. I think it would be difficult to do a self portrait of you too, becasue you are SO MANY ways and things and part of what I love about you is how you change. Your blog. This space, is the best self potrait of you. Yes indeed!