Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's raining outside; and I'm thinking
of taking a walk in the park tomorrow early morning.
... working so hard.
... making a trip.
... a sweet dream!

what are you thinking about?


FlyingButtons said...

Hello! So great to meet you, I really enjoy your blog, and am so glad you are sharing it.

I look forward to hearing more! Have a great Sunday!

Kristin :)

Sara said...

How much I miss my boyfriend....

David and Shalynna said...

How starving I am and how I don't want this weekend to end...

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about all these things! And more probably. Too many thoughts at once...

Dario said...

listen and enjoy it NOW!

niloofar said...

how is my mom
How much i miss my friends an my love
how much I want to be in iran at my anniveresary
what can i do for kassan's
whats going on in univesity back home
whats happening in iran
what are you guys doing while Im not there
finding good job
finding good college
taking a good picture for my little project
finish the book that i start
how much i love you :D
watching good movie tomorrow night
taking Aiden to playground tomorrow
keep checking my favorite weblogs (new simple something and mr. old fashion)
isnt it enough for now?:D

p.s and I also think that I love the way that you write this post
shoki I told you before you are a real genius you didnt let the blog be same you keep it alive everyday

Voice said...

Have a good nights sleep and take pictures of your walk in the morning!

And be sure to have that walk no matter what. I swear it rejuvenates the soul.

Anonymous said...


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