Wednesday, April 15, 2009


maybe; when you've spent a life, almost a whole life with faith,
when you've lived your life with pure love and happiness,
when you find yourself {twenty four years and a month},
when you're feeling absolutely nothing but the prosperity...on a rainy night,
maybe; you would hear yourself cry and would just say:
"I hate when people die" ...

maybe it's called {fidelity}!
...maybe it's not.


dangerous dan said...

This is really good

Sara said...

Did you write that? It's amaaaaazing!

Dario said...

you write so beautifully, touch my heart so deeply, leaving it with lots of quetions.


Your writing is so beautiful. you just fascinate me

Hamed said...

Rhymed texts have been attracting me all the time. thank you for that. but I don't understand your switching moods! once you're talking about desolating things and the other time very delighted and cheerful #-o!

when I read or hear "fidelity" it reminds me the first and the last opera of great Beethoven named "Fidelio" composed for his mother and all the mothers.
What a masterpiece it is.
You'd better hear it, if you haven't.

by the way, is anybody dead?!
should I be all condolences?


Hamed---> oh me?! no. I'm so far from moody! and I've never talked about desolating things! but if you're talking about a little bit of silence, or some sweet moments of concealment ... well; I should say:
who dislikes?!
I also want it so badly and of course in a very CHEERFUL way! :)
and ... no! thank God!
but well... "people" always die!


Micaela said...

I totally wish I had written these beautiful darling words.

Jussara Romao said...


I'm brasilien.
I know you like my blog.

Anonymous said...

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