Monday, October 5, 2009


Lovelies. Today was the first session of our "movie gatherings" with friends. We are going to watch two movies per week. Our choices for the coming week are {Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... and Spring} by Ki-duk Kim, and one of the Hitchcock's movies. Maybe Vertigo or maybe North by Northwest... We haven't decided yet. We are all so excited about this plan because not only we get to watch very good movies but also we can meet each other every week and well that's really sweet!

The first session was held at Niloofar's. She made us a lovely cake and we made lists of our favorite movies and directors.

Now I'd like you to meet my sweet friends!

This is Niloofar.
{Niloofar} is the same word for {Lili} in Persian.
She's 23, and she studies theater.
She has a beautiful room with pretty Iranian patterns on the wall.
We spend very precious times drinking tea. Yes, we are two tea lovers!

This one is Setareh.
{Setareh} is the word for {Star} in Persian.
She's 24 and she always thinks she is one year older! (That's our old joke!)
She studies graphic design and likes architecture.
She's the oldest friend of mine. That's about 9 years!

This cute little lady is Andia.
{Andia} means {hope}.
She's 22 and well yes she's the youngest!
She is a newly graduated with bachelor degree in graphic design.
We were classmates in university and also neighbors for four years.
Oh and she's always late!

And here are some more photos from today:

Good night!


Paulina said...

Your friends look lovely!!!! What a great idea to get together and watch movies!!! These pictures are the best.

PS: Kind of can't get over those persian rugs!!! Beautiful!!!

emily said...

i love that black and white one of you! gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

in kheili khoobe!
koli zogh zade shodam dustam
pas akshaye bishtar koo?!
man faghat 2 ta mibinaM!

Anonymous said...

daR ZEMN MAN setarEH AM! ;-D

Claradevi said...

I looooove friendship and the way you put it on your story. And those are such beautiful photos :)

Kiki said...

I love the pictures! You make very nice portraits. You all look like a bunch of pretty and talented ladies! Never lose that creative spark in your eyes girls. That's something they can never take from you!

Enjoy the movies (Spring, summer..) is a very nice movie with hardly any spoken words. I loved it. Unfortunately his film after this one (The Bow) was a disappointment to my opinion.

Enjoy ladies!

in company with sparkles said...

I loved this post! It was fun to meet your friends, and I love movie gatherings.

Michelle said...

That looks like so much fun! What a creative bunch, too. This inside scoop was fun!

Sara said...

You have such lovely friends, Shokoofeh! And you all have such pretty names!

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

I love how you captured you and your friends! Great job! And it sounds so fun!

Tina said...

These are so beautiful! My dear friend, I love you!! Thank you for all your gorgeous posts -- here and on EM! xoxox

Daisy said...

Very pretty photos ! Your friends look lovely and have such beautiful names !

kristina said...

ooh, I love these photos! great shots!

julochka said...

they're gorgeous!!

i want to come and hang out with you.

and that wall. the wall is gorgeous!!

it's all gorgeous.

nadia said...


Emm said...

I love this post and the love you have for your friends! It makes me long for the times when my friends were a phone call away and we took our weekend mornings together for granted! Aaah, the curse of being an expat!

Anonymous said...

The photographs are amazing!

niloofar said...

shoki you can not imagin how much i love you and (The other two)
when ever I'm with you guys I feel happy,joyful,full of love and all the good feelings in the word
every thing about our friendship is a blessing
oh god thank you thousand times for this wonderful gift

matilda said...

You girls have the most beautiful names on The Earth! And you look just like my sister (but younger;)). She couldn't belive it, when she saw you!