Wednesday, December 2, 2009


There are some unrelated thoughts I need to share with you.

  • Do you remember I was nominated for The Love This Site Award?  I have 23 votes, (thanks to those sweet 23) and it ends Friday Dec. 4th. The first place in style has 811 votes and it sounds impossible. but well ... you can click here to vote. 
  • This photo was taken in Isfahan. Do you remember my trip? Aw... it was so good. I need to plan for another soon.


Cabrizette : I have two different colors on my walls. One this deep blue and the other a deep red. Happy to hear that you liked it.
Sara : I miss you too! :-)
janis : Thank you dear.
Kimmie : :-)
Francesca : I missed it too! xo
Kristina : Thanks girl! :-)
Micaela : Haha Micaela it was sweet and funny. Thanks sweetie. 
Jodi : :-)
Shoaleh : Oh really?! :D Love to hear that sis!
Theresa : :-)
Le Blog d'otli : It's great to know that it's cheerful for others as well.
in company with sparkles : Thanks Cait! xo

Kari : Thanks Kari. :-)
Modsquad : Yes Poppies I think. :-)
Jeannette : Thanks dear, I will share more with you soon.


emily said...

great photo! i love it!

Robin said...

What beautiful photos from your trip to Esfahan! I voted for you, hope that helps! :)

Brit said...

Beautiful picture! I wouldn't mind having a pair of Uggs either!! I used to think they were ugly, but wow they are sooo comfy!

Ida Nielsen said...

Fantastic picture!! I love the contrast between light and dark!

Sholeh said...

really? you like them? I always feel these Ugg boots are ugly and useless! and i wonder how all these girls put them on!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if u like them, so they must be beautiful!

janis said...

uggs are truly a bit ugly...BUT A DREAM ON YOUR FEET. my gosh. the only thing that gets me through these winnipeg winters. EUGH...

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

I like this photo, it's like an abstract painting... and..; I voted ;)

Bonbon Oiseau said...

you are so sweet...i will vote for you!

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful photo:)