Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Happy December everyone!

As you may know we don't celebrate Christmas, but these days I am truly enjoying the Christmas related posts around the web. They all seem so exciting and pretty! I love pretty decorates and all other cute stuff about it.

Last night I was excited. Those "with-no-reason excitements". and I couldn't sleep. So I dreamt.( is it a correct word?) I dreamt about Yalda night. I can't wait for it.

I decided not to meet my teacher tomorrow. and I don't feel bad about it. I want to stay home and take photos for Corner View's theme. And ENJOY my day.
Today I cooked a delicious healthy meal for me and my brother. We are on diets. 

Oh and I was afraid if you never see my replies to your comments in the comment section, so there is a new little part here. xo

Update : Please read this post. 

The Yellow Door Paperie : Thank you so much.
Paulina : I totally agree. I sometimes get lost in children books. So pure and beautiful.
Laura : I really hope that someday I can make those kind of books which stay in their little hearts forever.
Karin : Thank you Karin. it's really true.
Ju : I can't wait to hear them! 
Pein : Oh, thanks lovely!
Rebecca Snavely : Thanks!
jane : Great to hear that.
bryna :  :-)
Ida Nielsen : Thank you girl.
Jeanne-ming :  Okay. :)
MODsquad :  Thank you. :)

peachey : really?! wow!
Shoaleh : Oh my God, I can't stop smiling darling. Think! he insisted he is a mouse!!! God how sweet my baby is!!! miss him, miss you. xo
Bonbon Oiseau : Yes dear, you were missed here. :-)
Julochka : So happy to hear that you like it!!! It wasn't actually a book, just a story we were supposed to illustrate for in school. xo


Line said...

beautiful thoughts!!!

Emm said...

Yalda sounds like fun! My Iranian friend is born on Yalda but I never knew him to celebrate it before. I'll have to ask him about that!

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Love these four photos. O my that yarn.

Thank you for the link to my suitcase heart.

Lovely little space you have here (:

pien said...

december starts great, with this lovely post!

Shaddy said...

Your dream about Yalda sounds like it was wonderful. While we're celebrating Christmas, you'll be enjoying festive times as well. I'm glad for that.

Ju said...

It's quite exciting the runner up for Xmas here in England, as long as you don't get suck into the over consumerism that takes place in December.
By the way, the girls loved all the drawings you made, they kept asking if they could find the book with them in the library. I said.. maybe one day... X