Saturday, January 2, 2010


Favorite Song :

Favorite Photograph :

Untitled by In A Wrong Body

Favorite 2009 in review :
Anna Maria Horner: in 2009

Favorite handmade to buy :
Gauzelin Happy Fish

Yes it's really Saturday! ;) Have a nice day, everyone! xo

~Selma : Happy New Year dear! xo
~Laura : I just loved your recommendation, I am sure I will enjoy this new site so much. 
~nath : why not?!  Join us! :-)
~Sara : Yes I like them too, and more than STAEDTLER I love STABILO, they are just lovely! :D
~Ocean Girl : Thank you :-)
~Bethany : aw thank you so much!
~Kris : Happy new year and thank you.
~Shaddy : Thanks lovely!
~CAPow : really? I would love to see yours.
~jane : haha it's funny! Good to know that! ;)
~Alicia : wow it's great, off to check yours!
~Sarah C : oh dear you don't need any special motivation! If you love photography, just start it. I am sure you will enjoy it. and welcome to my blog! xo
~Tina : Oh darling the funniest part is it's not holiday here and I lost track of the days! Happy New Year! xo


MODsquad said...

Happy TEN!

Shaddy said...

I enjoyed all of your favorites. Thank you for making my Saturday even better.

tiffany zajas said...

I really love your "Favorites Saturday" posts. They make me smile. :)