Sunday, January 3, 2010


Yesterday was about soft light at home and today was about the air and sound pollution. Sometimes I wonder how come we are alive in this city?!

7 posters are almost done, but well it's quite a big way till 15!

p.s. I am so enjoying the 365 in 2010 project.


in company with sparkles said...

These are beautiful Shokoofeh! I love the last one, the felt. I love all your recent photos.
You've inspired me to do a 365 thing too; as I really need to make good use of my camera. I just don't make myself do it, even though I enjoy it! Thank you =)

Shaddy said...

You're half way to 15. That's a good chunk finished. Praise yourself for what you've accomplished and go forward with confidence that you can reach number 15 with as much enthusiasm and energy.

Focus on each one as you work on it, blocking out those you've finished and those yet to come. I hope adopting that attitude helps you.

Ju said...

Happy New Year my darling,
I love radishes and the photo is magnificent.
Good luck with your project.

Robin said...

7/15! Congratulations! :) I'm loving your 365 in 2010, I check it everyday! :)

Dani said...

The 365 in 2010 is awesome! Can't wait to keep checking every day. You're very talented!

Brit said...

That close-up of the flower is just gorgeous! I love the new 365 you're doing, can't wait to see what the other days will bring!

Sara said...

Pollution = Cairo...

I love the photos!

MODsquad said...

Especially love that purple and red together in the last shot!

Happy New Week!