Saturday, January 9, 2010


 -Favorite Song :

-Favorite Photograph :

 -Favorite Blog :
it will stop raining*

 -Favorite Artist :
Kiyoshi AWAZU

-Favorite music video :

Happy Saturday everyone.

~Inna : Thank YOU for taking part. your photos are really great. :-)
~Emily : Thanks lovely.
~Kristine : Hey glad to see you here!
~Nadia : My pleasure :-)
~Ocean Girl : That's right.
~magdabeez : :-)
~Emm : That's really beautiful, and I think it's the magic of love! And dear, I am finishing my degree in graphic design.
~Robin : ;-)
~cindy : Haha it's cute Cindy!
~jane : Oh thank you so much! Flickr anonymous? sorry dear I don't get what you mean? :}


pien said...

happy saturday deary!

Ocean Girl said...

Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend.

trinsch said...

lovely photo! i'd love to lie there and read that book on a soft afternoon :)

tikje wit said...

B..b..b..beautyfull photo....!!! wow

Shaddy said...

you're a favorite of mine...

corvedacosta said...

Thanks for sharing

jane said...

what a lovely image. thanks for all the links. i´m loving it will stop raining. p.s. like alcoholics anonymous... but for people who are addicted to flickr... get it? ... no worries- i´m used to laughing alone :)

Emm said...

Graphic design? Oh wonderful - I see now that your artistic sense of style and colour permeates through your whole life!

I think I might have to start favourites Saturday!