Friday, January 8, 2010


Let me tell you a few things that are now in my mind :

- I am loving Farshad more everyday. I am serious, everyday.
- I am spending way more time on Flickr that I am supposed to. But well this whole 365 in 2010 project does really rock! 
- I am worried about this final project of university. I know I am too hard on myself, but I can't help it...
- I always feel that I am losing lots of great things when I am so busy only with one thing.
- I think I should laugh more in my life.
- I am sorry that I was too sleepy all day with Farshad.
- I forgot to tell you that now he wears glasses. He's even more cute with glasses. A real cute engineer!
- I wish I could watch Avatar in 3D.

Smile, now. Thank you.

Tanja : I can't wait to see your work, I think you're an amazing stylist. 
Ida : Where are you girl? I miss you.
Cait : Yes those are really beautiful flowers. and hey you will be a beautiful bride!


Anonymous said...

Shokoofeh, these photos are awesome!

By the way, you're not the only one who is spending way too much time on Flickr.. I am too. The project just is so amazing! so thanks a lot for the invite, I'm happy I can be part of it!:-)

emily said...

love the fences! don't be nervous about your project, just confident! you'll do so well!!

i wish you could see avatar in 3d too. it's great.

kristine said...

i just stopped by by flickr (where I, too am spending too much time...). I am kristineinindonesia in another guise :). I like your bog!

onesilentwinter said...

such gorgeous textures and colors!

Ocean Girl said...

You are doing great. Time management is the essence.

Anonymous said...

You are adorable. :)

Emm said...

I just looove these photos! I go through stages where things are normal and happy with my husband and then suddenly I feel like each day I couldn't fall more in love with him and then I do. I like those days.

I did not know you were at university - what are you studying?

Robin said...

:) So, so sweet. I do love a man who wears glasses so I completely understand. :)

cindy* said...

i love these...gorgeous! sean, my fiance, is an engineer too...i bet he'd be cute w/ glasses as well :)

jane said...

again- can´t stop looking at your photos! i know what you mean about flickr... i wonder if there is a flickr anonymous... if there is- will you be my sponsor?... ;)

Sara said...

everything is going to be fine!! Think in colour, beautiful!

Alicia said...

these are some really cool shots!!!