Thursday, February 25, 2010


Things I am going to do this week :

1. Taking long walks, everyday. ( three days )
2. Lose one kilogram.
3. Make some paper garlands.
4. Post "a piece of art" for Art Exchange project to US.
5. Frame some photos. ( not yet)
6. Meet some friends.
7. Read one book. ( reading ... )

Good Night.



Reginasaurus said...

That's a lovely list. I'm feeling inspired... I might have to make my own! xo

Sara said...

Hello, beautifully coloured tea! Have a great weekend lovely!

Ann Marie said...

what beautiful tea! your photos are so wonderful.

i love your desire for a simple life. that is my deepest desire.

will be back for visits often!

Sarah said...

ahhhhhh, the tea looks so good. I love your list!

Rebecca Watson said...

y9ou take such lovely photos!!!

happy thursday!! :)

Simone said...

That list is "just right!" - Can't wait for you to share your progress and accomplishments!

Elisabelle said...

Sounds like a good week(except for the diet part ;()

Thanks for your words

Do not worry I smile and I even laugh most of the time to enjoy every minute of happiness...
This last week have been sad though and when I need it I allow myself to cry.

my email is: (I should add it to my profile)

Hope you will have a wonderful week-end!

emily said...

love the beautiful tea cups. that red is so vibrant!

Daisy said...

How very lovely ! :)

Caroline said...

I love these photos, love love love!! XO