Thursday, February 25, 2010


Happy Thursday everyone! 
Today we had a nice turquoise day. The city is full of people buying things for our coming new year. I always like Esfand (the month before Nowruz) though it's so busy out there. This year is even so much better for me and my family because we are preparing ourselves for my darling sister and her family coming from Canada. Eek... so excited I've never been before! 

There were a few questions about photo processing and blog images and their sizes on previous posts. I will answer them soon, I promise! 



Brit said...

How fun you'll be seeing your sister again! Lovely pictures! :) As usual...!

The Eternal Intern said...

your pics give me hope for spring to come soon!! it almost seems as tho a few buds are sprouting out of the branches!
let's hope the warm weather and sun come by soon...and the turquoise sky comes by manhattan!!!
have a great day!
flora xoxo

Yelena R. said...

So pretty! I love bright blue skies :)