Monday, March 8, 2010


This is 4.30 am and girls are asleep. I couldn't sleep so I thought I would upload photos from tonight and take notes of some thoughts:

-Life is sweet. So sweet that sometimes I can't stop smiling. And it's all because of love. Love and its beautifully sweet moments you just don't need to talk about. It's all in your heart. And that's enough. You don't need to explain it or even say it. I know he can feel it now. So I close my eyes and thank him in "our world" for all this. I am happy. I am lucky. I am thankful. I am in love.

-I always feel good with these three girls. 

-Do ravens sleep? Or do they wake up too early? Because they are making so much noise right now...! 

Will share more photos tomorrow. Good night/morning!



Ida Nielsen said...

Lovely pictures and thoughts!! I hope you'll be able to fall asleep now :-)

Sarah said...

So beautiful :)

Abigail Jasmine said...

Beautiful photos..
I can feel from them what you are talking about.

souljane said...

My what beautiful women!

Elisabelle said...

I can totally feel how sweet was your evening in these photos.
thanks for sharing!

Spiralstyle said...

Lovely photos and thoughts. Beautiful women.

michelle. said...

Aw you girls are so pretty. Your words cheered me up so much. xoxo

kanishk said...

So beautiful :
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Leigha said...

Oh dear...the top image is breathtaking. Seriously gorgeous.