Monday, March 8, 2010

I CALL IT ART : Melinda Josie

Simple and beautiful artworks by Melinda Josie.

My friends are coming here to stay over tonight. We will have veggie pasta with lots of conversations! 

~ Karin : Aw it must be really amazing to take walks with little ones! :)
~ jane : Have colorful moments too dear!
~ Daisy : Thanks Daisy.
~ Selma : Thank you so much dear Selma, it's great to have you here! xo
~ hearblack : Thank you so much!
~ down bedding : You're welcome. :)
~ ibb : These are just the happy ones, lots more waiting on my list! ;) Have a nice week.


1 comment:

down bedding said...

Love the little kitties playing kickball - too cute :)