Sunday, March 7, 2010


Three random photos from the past three days.

Things I am going to do this week :
{updated list from last week}

1. Keep long walks.
2. Clean out my closet from stuff I haven't used for one year.
3. Again, lose one kilogram.
4. Frame some photos.
5. Make my own art journal calendar.
6. Buy/make presents for new year.
7. Start thinking about my new year's resolution list.



Daisy said...

Sch pretty photos!

Selma said...

Girl, I hardly comment but am always looking at your posts and beautiful pictures...very inspiring. Love the first one here. :D Happy Sunday. xoxo

jane said...

have a colorful week!

Karin said...

Especially the long walks sound great. I should do that more often also. I actually started this week, together with my two youngest. They love to walk and we have wonderful conversations along the way.

Anyway, lovely pictures. As always. Have a wonderful week!

ibb said...

Colourfull weekend, lot of things to do for the week.
Have a great week!

emily said...

that tablecloth!! wow. i love all these colors. thank you.

julochka said...

yay for your own art journal calendar! i'm catching mine up today, it had fallen a few days behind. :-) notice IT had fallen behind, not me. :-) heehee.

Jodes said...

what amazing colors!

i've been flipping through your blog archives and i love it!
i also ADORE that part of your 'philosophy' is love&light....that's been mine and my signature on EVERYTHING for the past 5 years.