Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ARTIST FROM IRAN : Ayrin Gharibpour

Ayrin is one of my dearest friends while at university. She was kind enough to accept sharing some of her lovely works with us here on my blog.

This is the note she attached to the images :
Life is full of mystery feelings... colors are the best means for expressing them!
These are some of my designs for Fusion music cd covers,children's book illustration and two logo designs which includes my own Logotype as well !

Thanks Ayrin! :)



Anonymous said...

I just love those two last ones! especially the last one. wow:)

Shaddy said...

she is amazingly talented. tell her thanks for letting us see some samples of her work.

Magdalena said...

it is very nice to meet you. You have a beautiful blog!
on my blog there is translator at the right site, so i hope that it will be to any help to understand little bit more of my little place.

Thank you for you kind words,

my best regards

Magdalena/Color Sepia

accidentally, kle said...

oh I love these! thanks for sharing x

twin xl said...

Really great work - thanks for sharing :)

Ms Leaney said...

Your blog makes me happy - love this entry.

Rachel Follett said...

Stunning work!

ibb said...

Lovely! I love the henna painted womans face...lovely.
Say her, she is a great artist.

Kiki said...

I very much like the 'collage' of Alba on the green part.
If you have more Iranian art to share..please do! I'm in big favor of learning ans seeing new things.