Thursday, April 8, 2010


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It's raining here. And I am just swooning for its smell, and its sound. Today Farshad and I had a great time shooting film. Can't wait to finish this role to be developed!
Where are you right now, my friends? Is it raining there too or are you enjoying the sun? 

Wherever you are, I hope you're in a good mood. 

~ Sarah : Thank you dear.
~ Shaista : I use a Canon 500D. Thanks for the sweet comment.
~ inna : I love rain, Inna! I miss it this year here so much...
~ Shaddy : Thank you so much Shaddy. I missed hearing from you here! :)
~ blogaloor : Thanks!
~ Le blOg d'Otli : Yes it was beautiful indeed. :)
~ Francesca : Oh yes cherry blossoms are the best! :) I hope you meet them so soon.
~ Magdalena : I will be a big follower then, thanks for visiting :)
~ nadia : There is something special about woods. Thanks you Nadia.
~ accidentally, kle : :) Great to see you around Kle!
~ twin xl : Thanks for visiting... :)
~ Ms Leaney : Happy to hear that :) Thanks for visiting.
~ Rachel Follett : :-)
~ ibb : Sure!



Di said...

I love the smell of the rain and the grass just after it has rained! But we had sunshine today although it was still cold! I went to work but I met a friend for lunch. He's here in Scotland for a visit from Italy so it was nice to catch up after 2 years.....simple pleasures in life - friends!

I look forward to seeing the film

Dani said...

Enjoying the sun here in Boston, but not for long! Our weather changes faster than anyone of us would like :)

Anna Emilia said...

Watching the darkness behind the window. Could not know if the snow is there or not, but as I walked today a long way, I know it is not there anymore. And the first green things appeared! Next to my painting table, I send you my best greetings dear Shokoofeh! (: (It is so good to have you smiling always!)

Anonymous said...

the smell of rain and its sound are lovely - in summer at least! now I really need a few days of sunshine though, which we had today. luckily! today I even saw some green outside - how fun! I hope you'll show us the film photos when it's developed=)

Shaddy said...

I'm at home in the room where I read and write. Before me is a window and through it I see gray skies although I can see lots of signs of spring in the bushes and trees.

It's kind of cold with temps in the forties. We even had a bit of snow, a tiny bit today.

My mood is not so very good. I was ranting and raving through dinner about the events of my day.

Thanks for your concern.

twin xl said...

Kinda gloomy here in Cincinnati today...but the weather's supposed to make a turn around just in time for the weekend :)

Sara said...

It's sunny here :)

How's your weekend?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! I MUST go and get some film for my old film cameras this weekend. I can't wait for yours to be developed!!

It's nice and sunny here so I won't complain that it snowed just yesterday. I would like some thunderstorms though :).