Monday, September 6, 2010


Happy Monday dear bloggy friends.

Days are still so hot here and I am so longing for rain. Lemon & water is my favorite drink these days and reading is coming back to its own place. Oh and I am so in the mood for some good "hanging out in Tehran".

How are you?! :)

~ Nath : wow what an inspiring comment! Thank you dear. Should definitely try that porridge, sounds so good!  
~ Daisy : Thanks girl and good luck! 
~ Andrea : It feels good!
~ Robin : :-)
~ Elisabelle : Merci beaucoup!
~ Jane : Thank you Jane!
~ Inna : Really? Sounds perfect! Yes it might be about the time.



Jodi Anderson said...

You are so darn good at putting together magical images, creating a real feeling with the colors and the focus (or lack thereof). This mosaic is no exception. Very lovely, Shokoofeh.

inna karenina said...

totally agree with the previous comment. :) love those photos..

Ulrika said...

The heat is gone here, I love this fresh fall weather with blue skies we're having.
Lemon and water sound like a good way to stand the heat!

Anonymous said...

ohh im inlove with your photos!

ms chyme said...

Great images together. Love it!

Sara said...

Ramadan ends tomorrow I guess, I hope because it's been very hot and I get very thirsty!
How have you been, Shokoofeh?

Anna Emilia said...

Dear Shokoofeh,

Having my "after lunch" break here with you, and smiling. And soon back to painting. So is my Wednesday.


Theresa said...

Happy to say hi again. Back home, back to CV. Sending you love and good health, T

bicocacolors said...

what a beautiful compilation!!
i love love love it!
greetings from Spain