Thursday, December 2, 2010


Two weeks of unhealthy pollution levels in Tehran has made everyone sluggish and dull these days. It's hard to breath, really. Asking for rain is all we can do right now. 
So... Extra oxygen, anybody?! 


-Photo on the last post isn't mine. You can find the original source by clicking the link below the image(as always!). thanks.
-Thanks everyone for nice welcomes!


kitchu said...

oh gosh so sorry. can't even imagine. i remember Tehran from the late 70s and don't really remember pollution. but when you are 10 years old, i guess you are not focused on these kinds of things, eh?

love the photos.

Caroline said...

Sending you much love!! xo

jane said...

these are gorgeous. wishing you much happiness in your new home! and i´ll pray for rain.
p.s. when you have a chance, send my your address- i want to send something for your new home.

Valerie said...

that's awful ! i have allergic asthma... don't even dare to imagine how i'd feel there...
sending you lots of oxygen from snowy western France !

it is such a visual please to come across your blog today !

Elisabelle said...

and sorry about pollution:(

lila said...

sooo sorry for you..I know how it feel to not having any fresh air to breath...i live in Dubai!
hope rains soon!
lovely blog by the way!

Amber said...

Your photos are certainly a breath of fresh air. In Australia, it is still raining and everything is green still where I live. Quite unusual at this time of year really when it is usually drought and dry. I do hope it doesnt rain on us for Christmas though. I have organised an outside picnic for 40! eeek

parisa mahmoudi said...

Manzele no mobarak!!!!! :)
Omidvaram baratoon shadi bashe va salamati.
Va baraye hamamoon arezooye bareshe baran daram! ;)

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

hello dear, long time not visiting. but so good to be back. you always have so much beauty going on.

we finally had rain here last night. the country has been burning, in the sun and then literally for four days. so many lives and homes lost. finally the rain came and with this fresh air. wishing it will get to you soon as well.