Monday, December 6, 2010


Looking through Per Gunnarsson's photos I found lots of inspiration the other day. White and light gray rooms with a little touch of color always catch my eye.


kitchu ~ That's right, but I guess there was really no pollution back then. It's getting worse and worse everyday. 
Caroline ~ Thanks! :-)
Jane ~ Oh thank you Jane. I will send you the address so soon. 
Valerie ~ Welcome to this little place! And yes I really need some oxygen from your snowy place! That would be so fresh and lovely. :)
Elisabelle ~ Thanks dear.
Lila ~ Thank you dear Lila. How is the air in Dubai right now? 
Amber ~ wow that sounds great! Maybe you can send me some rain but I promise I won't send any pollution back for you, just a little sunshine, deal?! 
Parisa ~ ممنون پریسا جان. با آرزوی باران



Jodi Anderson said...

These images are inspiring. I hope to start painting in January. Most of the walls are already white, but they need a fresh coat of paint and I'd like to take care of the trim as well. It's a natural wood color right now. I hate it.

Bring on the white!

kitchu said...

these photos are so serene. i would love to live in a space such as this.

Daisy said...

So very pretty!

julochka said...

very, very scandinavian. :-)

Wendy said...


Caroline said...

I love avenues of inspiration!!! Hugs and Love! xo

Anonymous said...

Graceful indeed! So pretty, but then I adore these bright spaces :)

Celine said...

I love how simple and clean these spaces are